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Click on the VSM name to view some top photos from the pages of the no longer published -  Vintage Speedway Magazine in the UK.
Have a look at some great photos from John's career. Click on his name.
Johnny Hoskins the "Father of Speedway" called him "Buck" after a comic strip hero in the Sunday papers. Click on Keith's name for a tribute to this great Aussie sportsman.
Some photos from Bob's career.
The Veteran Speedway Riders' Association of Australia was formed by a group of Vets in 1991. From those humble beginnings the association has grown to have a membership of around 400 in 2021. The Association name was changed to the AUSTRALIAN SPEEDWAY RIDERS ASSOCIATION on June 5th. 2014.We look forward to the support of all current ASRA Members and for some of you younger riders and fans from the '70s, '80s, and '90s come on ! join us NOW.......and let's get stronger.
The Association was Incorporated in August 2016.
Click on the BACKTRACK logo, View the Front cover of issue 105 of this great new Speedway magazine from the U.K. Subscribe NOW ! This is also now linked to the 
NEW Classic Speedway Magazine.

                 Vice President for 2018 - 2021                                            Colin McKee                                                                                                        Secretary / Treasurer for 2018 -2021
  Bill Powell

This website was created in 2002 as a private website and is maintained under a yearly rental agreement for the ASRA.
Website is property of Brian Darby  
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Would you like to hear the sound of a J.A.P. engine or hear Stuart Mountford riding a few laps of his Jawa at Barleigh Ranch ?, if you would click on the sounds heading above.
A new small Brian Darby website with photos and tributes to our early Speedway champions.
Early stages yet.
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Classic Speedway # 53 -  from the publishers of the Backtrack Magazine. 

This new publication replaces The Vintage Speedway Magazine which is now discontinued after running for 15 years. CLASSIC, still with early Speedway features and you can now travel on into the 50s and 60s. Click on the Backtrack banner below for purchase details.
All the ASRA memorabilia is now on display at the Nabiac Museum.
To go to the Museum website click on the link below.
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2018 - 2021 ASRA Committee

Chris Bailey
Terry McKenna
Ken Taylor
Mick Page
Tony Webb ( Qld.)
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A Brian Darby website for lovers of Solo Speedway - worldwide.
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Contacts for the ASRA are as follows

Bill Powell - Secretary / Treasurer
50 Tuffy Avenue
  Sans Souci
  NSW 2219 

Phone: (02) 9583 2706
Email: bill.p133@live.com

ASRA Newsletter Editors - Bill Powell & Val Wotton 
  0n  bill.p133@live.com
The unofficial website for Newcastle Speedway - UK.
Travel to the Sunderland Speedway site in the UK.
To keep this historic Speedway Association moving into the future it is important for us to have  new members 
join us - you can do that now by clicking onto the APPLICATION FORM  heading below which brings up a PDF for you to download by printing - fill it out and send with cheque or money order to the address on the bottom of the form.             It's a great Australian Association and having enthusiastic members keeps our history alive - please join us !
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On regular occasions the ASRA participates in speedway bike and memorabilia displays and events.  Our display of speedway and short circuit machines has become very popular and is quite a feature at these events. If you have a speedway or track bike and would like to display it with our Association, please contact ASRA Secretary, Bill Powell. Remembering, the bikes do not need to be in pristine condition.   The aim of our Association is to preserve speedway history.  Kind regards - Bill

Allan Whitfield Roper -aka-Allan Blackburne - a true Aussie Speedway legend.
Click here for Allan's history.
Click here to view.
A new webpage on Brian Darby's Vintage Speedway website. A collection of amateur candid photos from the 40s and 50s to which older club members may relate.
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Photos by Brian Darby
 My complete hard copy Solo & Sidecar 
photo collection. A huge collection of photos collected 
over 60 odd years .All sizes.
6x4 - 7x5 - 8x10 -10x12- A4 sizes.

plus a collection of 670 Australian
Speedway programmes For Sale.
Contact  Brian Darby
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Bill Sticpewich - one of our forgotten Aussie Heroes both in Speedway and War duties.
To view Stippy's record click on his name.
2021 ASRA Membership Fees .
A young Neville in his
 early riding days 
A Brian Darby website for lovers of Sidecar Speedway - worldwide.
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NEW WEBSITE LINK FOR SIDECAR LOVERS - Scroll down to bottom of page and click
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Affiliated with Motorcycling Australia. 

As at 23.7.21 - Due to the ongoing uncertainty of Covid 19 regulations and restrictions, on 12th July I proposed the following amendment to the Annual General meeting that was to be held in 
mid-October. With future Covid restrictions and lockdowns, it would be both a financial and attendance risk to designate an AGM venue and date.  

An election of ASRA office bearers for the next three years needs to take place. I envisage that this can successfully occur via electronic means.  If you intend to nominate for the  
re-appointment, please reply to this email as soon as possible.

Reference – Election of Committee Members ASRA Constitution Part 3-15
4) If the number of nominations received is equal to the number of vacancies to be filled, the persons nominated are taken 
to be elected
5) If the number of nominations received exceeds the number of vacancies to be filled, a ballot is to be held. Under the present conditions the serving committee members will vote to determine the appointment to that position.

To expediate this matter the closing date for nominations of Friday, 15th of October is cancelled and all positions for office bearers were finalised on Saturday, 31st July 2021.
This proposal was emailed to all Committee Members as well as ASRA Returning Officer, Kevin Rae.  All Committee Members have endorsed this change......Bill Powell.

Now available to ASRA members - The VSRA-ASRA - The Years
Enjoy a look back through time as the Aussie Vets & International guests get together  for Annual Re Unions - Member Price $ 25 Au + $ 3 P&P Within Australia 
Video footage of Vet's Outings in 1996.
8MM movie converted to digital. 
ASRA Member Price - $ 25 + $3 P&P 
Within Australia.  
DVDs available to club members.
PAY PAL available for DVD purchases.
Contact  Brian on

Part of the VSRA bike display at the Liverpool Museum - 2001.
 Photo ...Brian Darby
Welfare Notice 

Eric "Bluey" Scott one of Australia's most accomplished solo riders, and long-time ASRA Member, has unfortunately been admitted to an Aged Care facility. Bluey, aged 92 years had a fall at home, and following hospitalisation, has been placed in care.
He would very much appreciate a telephone call from fellow riders, or his many friends.
Not certain at this time whether visiting is permitted due to Covid regulations. 

Contact details: Sandbrook Aged Care
  10 Executive Drive
  Burleigh Waters QLD.4220

Reception Tele. No. (07) 5587 8000 Ask for Eric Scott

Top : 'Bluey' at Motherwell in 1951 in the UK.

Lower : Bluey and Bruce Croxon 
 2010 Re Union.

Eric ' Bluey' Scott
Click here:.
A top story on Bluey by Peter White of Speedway World