Aussie Test Skipper and Australian Champion, Keith "Buck" Ryan.
Sydneysider, Phil Leth was a successfull local rider.
"The White Ghost", Ken Le Breton
The ever popular Lionel "Porky" Levy.
Cliff Watson was also a great bike tuner.
Dual World Title holder, South Australian , Jack Young.    Jack rode with an easy style.
Merv Harding with Frank Arthur (centre) and Bill Reynolds ( left).
Sidecar and International Solo Star, Lionel Benson with a future sidecar star in the chair, Peter Speerin in 1947.
The Sydney Sportsground "Tigers" of 1949. Back row:
Arthur Trudgitt, Lionel Benson, Jim Taylor (Capt.) Allan Quinn, Joe Lasagna. Front Row: Bill Bowker, Clive Gressor and Norm Field. 
Parramatta Panthers class of '52.  L to R. Behind.
Jack Gorman, Noel Thorley, Len Steele, Doug MacLachlan, Arthur Trudgitt, Bruce Croxon and Jack Eaves.   Kneeling,  Jack Neville, Phil Leth and Joe Peck.
The Sportsground Sidecar Team Vs The Showground Sidecar Team.
The Sportsground Team.
L to R: Peter Speerin, Ern Steward, Jim Davies, Ern Adlam and Jack Clarke. 
The Showground Team.
L to R : Ray Cuddahy, "Chook" Hodgekiss, Jack Carruthers, Peter Glynn and Bert Martin.
A very young Bill Bingham and his passenger Paul Drewes at Parramatta's Cumberland Oval Speedway in the 1950s with what was Bill's first outfit.
Noel Thorley leads "Tiger" Sidthorpe at Cumberland Oval Speedway, Parramatta.
Paul O'Neill leads Bob Sharp at the Royale.
Jack White.
Eric " Bluey" Scott.
Jim Airey on the infield at the Royale after winning the Australian Solo Title from Nigel Boocock and brother Eric Boocock in 1968..
Veteran, Lionel Levy, on the inside, leads young gun, Brian Collins. Lionel lost his life as a result of an accident on 10/2/1968 during a "come back" ride.  
Bob Levy, nephew of Lionel, gets away on the Burdus Vincent H.R.D. outfit at the Royale.  Dunn and Robson outside him.
Jude Sanderson in a beautiful controlled slide at Westmead Speedway.
John Langfield leads Tommy Anderson and Warren Hawkins at a daylight run at the Royale.
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