Victorian, Ray Cresp. World Finalist in 1961 at Malmo.
"Cowboy" Bobby Sharp.
What a great shot ! Bobby Sharp (outside) and Englishman Mike Broadbank get away for a handicap start at the Royale. Bob won the Australian Solo Title in 1962 and 1965. Mike won our title in 1963.  
Eso mounted,  Greg Kentwell. 
Frank Malouf near fence and Harold Campbell (B&W) hit the deck at the Royale in 1962. Frank was a very supportive member of the VSRA and sadly passed away in June 2002 at the age of 88. A top Larry Taylor shot.
Ray Sharp. The younger brother of Bob Sharp, Ray lost his life at the Exhibition Speedway, Brisbane on 25.9.1965.
Barry Hopkin goes down on Pit turn at the Royale. Barry was NSW Junior Solo champion in 1963 ( 10.3.63) and lost his life here at the Royale two years later on 13.11.1965.
Bob Sharp gets away in another of Larry Taylor's top starting shots.
Brian Collins, NSW Junior Solo champ in 1956 and NSW Solo Champion in 1961 and 1962.
Long time VSRA Member, Bruce Croxon.
In to out: Jim Airey, Brian Collins and Geoff Curtis.
Jim Airey inside Brian Collins ( middle) and Bob Sharp pass the Pit gate at the Sydney Showground..
Geoff Varey leads Warren Hawkins past the Royale Pits.
Bruce Croxon ( outside) runs with Bob Tabet.
Jack White.
Cec Platt, son of midget constructor Wal Platt, brother of Ray and father of Ty, on his Eso. If any one came from a Speedway family it was Cec.
John Taffe runs inside Cec Platt.
Cec Platt runs inside Jim Airey.
One of Liverpool's favourite sons, Gordon Guasco.  Gordon lost his life at Liverpool on the 8.11.1970.
Jim Airey and Gordon Guasco get away off the back mark in a Handicap race at the Royale.
The late Bill Jemison, a protege of Graham Warren's and was a strong VSRA member.
Jim Airey, often referred to as "King of the Royale".
Jim Airey in 1996 at the Final meeting of the famous Royale. Jim is on Mick Pooles' bike.