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Eric Langton left, runner up to Lionel Van Praag for the 1936 World Solo Final. Sir Donald Campbell makes the presentation. 
                         CAPTAINS TOSS.
English Test Captain Jack Parker, left tosses with Aussie Skipper, Bluey Wilkinson for starting positions.
Empire Speedways Promoter and pioneer Solo rider, Frank Arthur stands with Bluey Wilkinson at the Royale.
Bluey in action. Note no goggles down.
                       A 1935 Australian Test Team.

Internationals at the Sydney Sportsground Speedway. 1938   L to R.
Australia's  Bluey Wilkinson,  Cordy Milne (USA) brother Jack Milne ( USA) and Wilbur Lamoreaux ( USA).
A classic 1947 West Ham shot of Aussie Aub Lawson.
A pre War match at Belle Vue in England.      

Eric Langton leads Lionel Van Praag with Bluey Wlkinson on the inside.
A Post War Aussie Test team, L to R.
Bill Longley, Aub Lawson, Ken Le Breton, Graham Warren, Jack Biggs and Vic Duggan. 
Ist Test West Ham 1950, Jack Young and Dick Seers in the background were reserves. ( Jack Young reserve ? you have to start somewhere.)

What a great photo!.
A few years on and Billy Sanders runs the inside of Doug Wyer.
Western Australian Solo ace, Chum Taylor.
L to R. Dicky Case, Mick Murphy, Jack Sharp, Max Grosskreutz, Vic Huxley, Lionel Van Praag, Bluey Wilkinson, Ron Johnson and Manager Arthur Simcock.
Thank you to the late John Chaplin for sharing these wonderful photos with us on 
the ASRA website.
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