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Click on the VSM name to view some top photos from the pages of The Vintage Speedway Magazine in the UK.
Have a look at some great photos from John's career. Click on his name.
Johnny Hoskins the "Father of Speedway" called him "Buck" after a comic strip hero in the Sunday papers. Click on Keith's name for a tribute to this great Aussie sportsman.
Some photos from Bob's career.
The Veteran Speedway Riders' Association of Australia was formed by a group of Vets in 1991. From those humble beginnings the association has grown to have a membership of around 400 in 2017. The Association name was changed to the AUSTRALIAN SPEEDWAY RIDERS ASSOCIATION on June 5th. 2014.We look forward to the support of all current ASRA Members and for some of you younger riders and fans from the '70s, '80s, and '90s come on ! join us NOW.......and let's get stronger.
The Association was Incorporated in August 2016.
Click on the BACKTRACK sign, View the Front cover of issue SEVENTY NINE of this great new Speedway magazine from the U.K. Subscribe NOW ! This is also now linked to the 
NEW Classic Speedway Magazine.

                            ASRA President for 2016 - 2017 - Colin Davidson
                            Vice President for 2016 - 2017 - Don Lawson
                            Secretary for 2016 -2017 - Colin Davidson
                           Treasurer for 2016 - 2017 - Bill Powell

Click here and go to the website of the VSRA of the U.K.
This website was created and is maintained by
Brian Darby for the ASRA. 
email    bdarby@bigpond.com 
   or   Mob. 0419976557.
This page was last updated: April 25, 2017
Would you like to hear the sound of a J.A.P. engine or hear Stuart Mountford riding a few laps of his Jawa at Barleigh Ranch ?, if you would click on the sounds heading above.
You can't race Speedway much closer than this !
Ashfield Team at Bristol -1949 - Rol Stobart, Eric Salmon, Ken Le Breton, Roger Wise.
Dave Gifford Collection.
NEW ! a page of short ' Video Clips' 
Includes Ove Fundin vs Nigel Boocock
Norwich Stadium - June 6th 1964.
plus Solos and Sidecars from the Sydney Showground Speedway
the Sydney Sports Ground Speedway.
To view Videos Click on heading.
A new small Brian Darby website with photos and tributes to our early Speedway champions.
Early stages yet.
You may like modern Speedway as well - Solos, Sprintcars & Midgets etc if so have a look at the  DVDs For Sale by Brian Darby - 
Action and photo DVDS available
( P.S. Vintage Action & Photo DVDs now available )

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Issue #36 - from the publishers of The VintageSpeedway Magazine and Backtrack Magazine. This new publication replaces The Vintage Speedway Magazine which is now discontinued after running for 15 years. CLASSIC, still with early Speedway features and you can now travel on into the 50s and 60s. Click on the Backtrack banner below for purchase details.
All the ASRA memorabilia is now on display at the Nabiac Museum.
To go to the Museum website click on the link below.
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Click here to open a page showing up & coming events for ASRA members. 
2016 - 2017 ASRA Committee
Chris Bailey
Greg Gallagher
Terry McKenna
Ralph Warne
Ash Suttor
Ken Le Breton - The White Ghost 
A great new PHOTO DVD from Brian Darby
 for the traditional Speedway Solo fan.
Ken Le Breton, one of Australia's greats in International Speedway Solo racing in the late 1940s and early 1950s. This DVD contains many photos from Ken's career here in Australia, England and Scotland, most photos never published or seen in Australia before. 
 He was a Test rider for his country, had a huge fan base in Scotland, was placed 13th in the 1949 World Solo Speedway Championship at Wembley and was regarded by many as a future World Champion.
  It was not to be, Ken lost his life in a racing accident at the Sydney Sports Ground Speedway on 5th January 1951 during the final stages of an England vs Australia Test match.  This DVD has music, titles, captions  and transitions. 
A must addition to your home Speedway Library.
$25 Aud + $ 3 P&P (within Australia)
Pay Pal payments by Credit Card accepted.
ring to order: Brian Darby on 02 9772 1058

PHOTO DVD for the Sidecar fans of old.


Over 70 classic photos of riders, their bikes - action and still -  from the 1940s and 1950s.
DVD has titles, music, photo captions and transitions.
$ 30 Aud  -  $ 3 P&P ( within Australia)
Order as above .
The latest PHOTO DVD set from the
Darby archives.

Months in the making - a TWIN PHOTO DISC set - of over 630 quality photos of Solo Speedway racing and riders from the
 1920's through to 2011.

Australian and British Speedway history in
a pictorial form as you have never seen before. 

Never has a presentation of this type and quality been offered to the serious Solo fan in the past. Available only from my catalogue of Speedway DVDs. 

Running time is 1 hour and 50 minutes,

$75 Aud + $3 P&P (within Australia)
International P&P $5 Aud.

Order from Brian Darby on
email below or phone 

02 9772 1058.

( it might sound expensive but it is a treasure trove of pictorial history for the serious Solo speedway fan.) 
Links to interesting websites - click on the logos below.
The DVD Presentation shown on the night at the 2011 Veteran Speedway Riders Re Union 

Two tracks - A Tribute to Special Guest 
 Ove Fundin and with some great footage and photos from the past and VSRA Memories track.
$20 Aud. Plus $3 P&P (within Australia
$5 P&P for Overseas Orders.)
To Order
 Brian Darby on
 Ph. 02 9772 1058 or email on
A new inovation for your association's website - a page for selling or buying your requirements in a Speedway bike or parts. For private sales or purchases ONLY. It is a free service.
Click on the heading above.
Watch Taylor Poole (right) riding in blue challenge Jason Crump (in yellow) at
 Kurri Kurri Speedway December 2011. 
 Click on the photo of Taylor.
(Turn your sound on )
Video by Brian Darby
Click here.- Initial download may take a minute or so.
A pictorial tribute to the late Jim Shepherd.
 Patron of the VSRA.  Click on Jim's name.
The DVD Presentation shown on the night at the 2013 Veteran Speedway Riders Re Union 
Two tracks - A Tribute to Special Guest  Barry Briggs  and Farewell to Jim Shepherd and Welcome to Jim Courtney 
$20 Aud. Plus $3 P&P (within Australia
$5 P&P for Overseas Orders.)
To Order
 Brian Darby on
 Ph. 02 9772 1058 or email on
A Brian Darby website for lovers of Solo Speedway - worldwide.
Click on the heading above.
2014 ASRA Re Union Tribute
to Brian & Mark Collins

A Short Photo DVD of 
Brian & Mark's' career 
as shown on the night.

$ 20 Aud. + $ 3 P&P 
( within Australia) 
Colin Davidson
ASRA President / Secretary
13 Higgerson Ave. Engadine 
NSW  2233
Ph. 02 9520 0954
Mob.0450 780 555
Email. c.davidson3@optusnet.com.au 
For one of the best Speedway photo collections in the world - click here
Contact for the ASRA is as follows

Bill Powell (Treasurer)
50 Tuffy Avenue
  Sans Souci
  NSW 2219 

Phone: (02) 9583 2706
Email: bill.p133@live.com

ASRA Newsletter Editors - Bill Powell & Val Wotton   0n  bill.p133@live.com
The unofficial website for Newcastle Speedway - UK.
Travel to the Sunderland Speedway site in the UK.
Are you interested in buying any old Speedway memorabilia ?
 Programmes - magazines - books - photos - VHS tapes - DVDs ? if so log onto:
To keep this historic Speedway Association moving into the future it is important for us to have  new members 
join us - you can do that now by clicking onto the APPLICATION FORM  heading below which brings up a PDF for you to download by printing - fill it out and send with cheque or money order to the address on the bottom of the form.            It's a great Australian Association and having enthusiastic members keeps our history alive - please join us !

Click here to print Membership Application Form.
Photos of VSRA / ASRA members from their riding past. - Photos by various photographers - from Brian Darby Collection.
MOTORCYCLING Australia release dates for 2018 Events Calendar - go to Events page ( above)
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Hi Members
Received information from Tony Webb, that Queensland ASRA Member Rod McMahon is suffering a serious illness. Rod is currently in the Wesley Hospital, Auchenflower, Brisbane.
Rod would very much appreciate visitors. You may like to give him a call, his mobile number is 0437 442 269.
On behalf of all ASRA Members I wish Rod a speedy and full recovery.

Members Welfare Report