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Click on the VSM name to view some top photos from the pages of the no longer published -  Vintage Speedway Magazine in the UK.
Have a look at some great photos from John's career. Click on his name.
Johnny Hoskins the "Father of Speedway" called him "Buck" after a comic strip hero in the Sunday papers. Click on Keith's name for a tribute to this great Aussie sportsman.
Some photos from Bob's career.
The Veteran Speedway Riders' Association of Australia was formed by a group of Vets in 1991.  The Association name was changed to the AUSTRALIAN SPEEDWAY RIDERS ASSOCIATION on June 5th. 2014.We look forward to the support of all current ASRA Members and for some of you younger riders and fans from the '70s, '80s, and '90s come on ! join us NOW.......and let's get stronger.
The Association was Incorporated in August 2016.
This website was created in 2002 as a private website and is maintained under a yearly rental agreement for the ASRA.
Website is property of Brian Darby  
email    bdarby@bigpond.com 
   or   Mob. 0419976557.
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Would you like to hear the sound of a J.A.P. engine or hear Stuart Mountford riding a few laps of his Jawa at Barleigh Ranch ?, if you would click on the sounds heading above.
A new small Brian Darby website with photos and tributes to our early Speedway champions.
Early stages yet.
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 ASRA memorabilia is now on display at the Nabiac Museum.
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A Brian Darby website for lovers of Solo Speedway - worldwide.
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For one of the best Speedway photo collections in the world - click here
Allan Whitfield Roper -aka-Allan Blackburne - a true Aussie Speedway legend.
Click here for Allan's history.
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A new webpage on Brian Darby's Vintage Speedway website. A collection of amateur candid photos from the 40s and 50s to which older club members may relate.
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Photos by Brian Darby
 My complete hard copy Solo & Sidecar 
photo collection. A huge collection of photos collected 
over 60 odd years .All sizes.
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plus a large collection of Australian
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Bill Sticpewich - one of our forgotten Aussie Heroes both in Speedway and War duties.
To view Stippy's record click on his name.
A Brian Darby website for lovers of Sidecar Speedway - worldwide.
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Affiliated with Motorcycling Australia. 
Now available to ASRA members - The VSRA-ASRA - The Years
Enjoy a look back through time as the Aussie Vets & International guests get together  for Annual Re Unions - Member Price $ 25 Au + $ 5 P&P Within Australia 
DVDs available to club members.
PAY PAL available for DVD purchases.
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I have a range of Old Bike Australasia magazines For Sale. Please contact me if you need any back copies.  Brian Darby on
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“The ASRA publishes a high quality glossy coloured magazine. Each issue contains approximately 30 to 40 pages and is published in January, April and September. It includes articles relating to various eras of motorcycle speedway, plus reports of current events and classic machine restoration projects, historical speedway articles, along with many other news items of interest.
Current Issue - January 2024 Issue 58 

The WORLD of SOLO SPEEDWAY - A Twin Disc PHOTO DVD of over 630 quality photos.
ASRA member price $ 65 + P&P.
Click on each Gallery for photos.
ASRA Welfare Report
 Dear Member
I have received news that our long time ASRA Member, former Sydney Solo rider Bob Meyer has been placed into full time aged care. Bob is 91 years old and enjoys life and a chat. He commenced his speedway career in 1950, racing at the Sydney Sportsground, Cumberland Oval Parramatta and the Sydney Showground. He also rode with the Exeter Falcons, British League team.
Bob would very much enjoy visitors and phone calls. His new contact details are:
  Twilight Aged Care
  1a Ellamatta Ave.
  Mosman NSW 2088 - Reception – (02) 9969 0907

Kind thoughts
Bill Powell - Secretary
Australian Speedway Riders’ Association

Bob Meyer in his Exeter riding days in the UK.
A Frank Le Breton photo.
Bob ( left) and his ex Exeter mates at the 2001 VSRA Re Union Dinner.
With Ken Walsh, Jack Geran, Hugh Geddes and Neil Street.
Photo by Brian Darby 2001
Dear Member
ASRA Members have been invited to display their restored and unrestored 
classic speedway solos and sidecars at Nepean Raceway.  Here is a great opportunity
 for you to show fellow speedway enthusiast's your pride and joy.
The event is: 
   Speedway Experience
  King of Pairs
  Saturday 27th April 2024
  Nepean Raceway
  Junior 125 & 250 - Senior 500
  Canteen and BBQ available.
  Please contact Geoff Watson Mob. 0412 960 300
  to confirm if attending, or for future information.
Bill Powell - Secretary

ASRA 2024-26 Committee
Dear Members
I am pleased to announce this good news. 
 ASRA Election Returns Officer Chris Bailey 
has informed me that the following self-nominations for the 
2024-26 ASRA Committee have been received.
   Trevor Harding - Patron
   Chris Bailey - Public Officer under the Association
  Incorporation Act 2009.
   Grahame Gardiner - QLD.
   Mark Loiterton - NSW
   Terry McKenna - Regalia Officer
      Bill Powell - Custodian of Speedway 
Memorabilia and   Archives.
The AGM is planned to be held in May.  At this time a date and venue has not been determined. 
 If you are intending to attend, please contact Chris Bailey ASAP Chris' contact details are: 
 email christophern.bailey@gmail.com
                                                                Mobile 0408 473 822   .......     Kind Regards   Bill Powell

A past ASRA President - Chum Taylor with nominated 2024- 2026 Patron Trevor Harding at the 2014 Re Union Dinner - 
Photo by Brian Darby. 

Patron -Trevor Harding

PresidentPhil Crump

Vice President Colin McKee

Current to MAY AGM.
ASRA Contact .

Bill Powell