John Langfield, ASRA Member, ex Australian Test rider and the only rider to Captain Australia in two diciplines of the sport, Speedway and Dirt Track racing. Some of his career highlights are captured here.
"Langy" in his familiar orange leathers, proudly sporting the Australian flag and kangaroo on the bike. John scored a maximum 18 points in this test match against England.
Astride his bike at his first meeting for the West Ham " Hammers" in London....1969 
Chris Pusey.( England ).Chris passed away in 2002.
Chris Watson # 30 and Mick Poole # 62 running in the "Woodstock Bourbon Cup" at Woodstock Park, Cowra NSW June 2002. Mick won the eight lap Final. John manages the Cowra track.
A young John .
L to R. John Langfield, Jack White, Kevin Torpie, John Bowerman, Jim Airey, Bill Landels, Peter White ( Manager ) and John Boulger.
Nigel Boocock, Jim Airey, John Langfield.
An English Test Team : Bob Kilby, Peter Collins, Eric Broadbelt, Arnold Haley, Nigel Boocock, Chris Pusey and Barry Thomas.
John brought down at Poole in England.
Bert Harkins and John in discussion at Glasgow..
The Liverpool ( Sydney ) Lions: John Langfield, Roger Brooks, Mick Page, Peter White, Dennis Alderton, Bob Sharp, Dave Mills and Bob Campbell. 
Jim Airey and John Langfield at Salty Creek. Frank Arthur and John Sherwood were concerned about John and Jim's safety at this track as they were the mainstays of the Aussie test team at that time.
John and his wife, Pauline at her induction into the Cowra, NSW Hall of Fame for Sports Administrators. Pauline received this distinction for her services to the sport of Motor Cycle racing. 
John receives a trophy for the over 40s at a Bathurst Long Track meeting. Peter Baker on the left.
John on Paul Spooner's 84s J.A.P. at Nepean.
John leads the pack in a Poole vs Ipswitch match.
Two photos of the Langfield, Harding crash at Liverpool (Sydney) Trevor Harding suffered liver damage from this crash.
An Aussie Test Team: Phil Herne, Phil Crump, Robbie Blackadder, John Langfield ( Capt.) Bluey Valentine, Billy Sanders, John Titman and Jim Airey ( Manager)
Gordon "Horse" Guasco and John at Liverpool , Sydney.
John, Gordon Guasco and Trevor Harding at Liverpool. Both Langfield and Guasco broke the track record twice on this day.
The duel of the the two Test Captains, Chris Pusey for England and John Langfield for Australia at the famous Sydney Showground Speedway.
At the Cowra Motorcyle Racing Club's 2002 Presentation night are       L to R.
Glen McDonald, Todd Kurtz and John Langfield.
Additional photos 
Chris Pusey ( UK)  and John at Newcastle Motordrome - NSW
October 2013 VSRA Re Union Dinner - Sans Souci - NSW -  John gives his acceptance speech as he is instated as President of the VSRA for 2014 - 2015. 
Bill Powell (left)  Colin McKee (right).